Argus is the Bailiff representing the Organon. He is in charge of accompanying the visiting Inspector and his fiancé.

He takes his orders from Ulysees, the leader of the Organon, but has his own interests in mind.

Appearance Edit

Argus is nearly always seen in uniform He wears a green tunic, green pants, red boots, shoulder pads, cape and in true Organon fashion, A helmet/visor with integrated metal beard.

Without his helmet, he too bears striking resemblance to Rufus, albeit, with darker skin. He has the same face shape, height and build. His hair is styled in a military buzz cut.

Personality Edit

Argus is very forward with his comments and instructions. He is very absolute when it comes to resolve. Being the bailiff, he follows every order from Ulysees diligently, however, his true plan is to obtain the ascension codes from Goal in order to access the last highboat leaving for Elysium.

He agrees to work with Cletus, but appears to dislike him, even to the point where he betrays him.

Brief history Edit

Argus is first encountered on board the Organon cruiser with Goal. He plays a reoccurring role and is dominant in all three games.

He seldom leaves the Organon controlled areas, save for when he is aiding Cletus in his search for Goal, when he storms into Wenzels house in Kuvaq.

He spends most of his time in the story giving orders from the bridge of his cruiser and the Organon hq at the upper ascension station in Porta Fisco.