Bozo is a cutter-captain on Deponia

Early Biography Edit

A little is known about Bozo's early life. He grew up in Porta Fisco in a Casa, where his parents still live. He assumably grew his beard at an early age, because his little brother Baby Bozo also already has a full beard. With the name "Bozo" it's highly likely that it's a family name rather than a first name, since his parents are called Mama Bozo and Papa Bozo and even his grandpa is called Grandpa Bozo and his little brother of course gets called Baby Bozo. His cousins Alec and David don't seem to be named after the Bozo-principle.

He befriended Doc and Bambina at a young age and even engaged in a relationship with Bambina. The relationship ended and ever since he daily sails with his trusty cutter.

Deponia Edit

Bozo appears in the middle of the third act. Doc and Bozo found an unconscious Goal and brought her into the safety of his cutter. When Rufus finds them he uses some of Bozo's tools to clean her brain implant cartridge. At the end of the game Bozo fishes Rufus out of a pile of needles and even expresses his worries about Deponia by asking if it has been saved now or not.

Chaos on Deponia Edit

Together with Doc, Bozo helped Rufus repair the consciousness of Goal, get the ascension codes to Elysium and prevent the planned genocide of the people of Deponia by the Organon. As well as meeting his ex-girlfriend Bambina on the floating black market. Because Bozo knows a certain sentence, to calm temperamental women down, Rufus tries to get them back together. But since a certain gondolier always burst into at the most unfitting moments, Rufus first needs to silence him before Bozo and Bambina are finally back together again. After saying these words to Spunky-Goal, she is surprisingly not calmed but enraged.

After Lady-Goal ran off in Donna's body, Bozo helped search with his cutter for the Submarine. Without his help Rufus could not have gotten to Isla Watchit or the northpole to get the necessary Torpedo-Equipment and install the receiver on Isla Watchit. Thanks to this receiver a connection between Bozo's cutter and Lady-Goal-Donna's sub was built and said sub was stopped by the torpedodolphins.

Goodbye Deponia Edit

Bozo's cutter has been utterly destroyed by an Organon cruiser and now he, together with Doc, Goal, and Rufus, has to stay at the hotel Menetekel.