Cletus is the Inspector/Ambassador from Elysium. His job is to liaise with Argus, the Organon bailiff, and determine whether Deponia is still inhabited.


Cletus bears a striking resemblance to Rufus in many ways. He has brown eyes, straight nose and is less than average height. His hair is tidy and held back by a hair band.

He wears a white, sleeveless jumpsuit, white gloves and white boots. He has a full goatee.


Cletus is ambitious, has strong plans in mind, and although he dislikes being unclean, he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty in order to further his ideals.

He can be egotistical, and strongly wishes to destroy Deponia, although he does seem to have a change of heart, but this can be interpreted as him being manipulative in order to control the people around him, in particular, Goal.

Brief historyEdit

He is first encountered by Rufus over radio contact and plays a reoccurring roll in the Deponia trilogy, often clashing with the protagonist and winding up in a mess as a result.

He was on Deponia to determine whether there are still in habitants on the planets surface. His job was to report back to the Elysian elders for them to make a decision to destroy the planet.

Ultimately, Cletus wishes for this and lied in his report. He later changes his mind and agrees to cooperate with Goal in order to try to dissuade the council of elders. However, he reveals to Rufus that he is doing this to pacify Goal. He believes that despite alerting the council that Deponia is inhabited, they will still choose to destroy it.

His attempt to return to Elysium with Goal in a lifeboat is interrupted by a rocket powered, sawblade riding Rufus. The three return to the surface and attempt to make their way to the last highboat leaving for Elysium.

Along his travels, he conspires with the Organon, cooperates with Rufus and whines a lot.