Cowboy Dodo is Deponias most popular pop-star. Besides singing and composing worldwide hits like "Look at me" or "Look around" Cowboy Dodo is also selling merchandise to give him fans only the best of the best.

But he has joined the underground resistance since Janosch had told him about the plans of the Organon

Goodbye Deponia Edit

When Cowboy Dodo and Janosch tried to get the ascension codes at the upper ascenion station they met Rufus. Since Rufus insisted on going down the rope instead of Cowboy Dodo to Argus' office, the Cowboy suggested a voting. The result was a draw, which Rufus only know to solve with the also captured clone of his, but due to the unsuccessful plan to put Cowboy Dodo out of action the clone succeeds to be the one that got voted to steal the ascension codes. But how soon it is realised, the clone was in reality Cletus and Cowboy Dodo, along with his fans and Janosch, get thrown in jail