Deponia - Trailer (English)-0

Deponia - Trailer (English)-0

Welcome to the Deponia Trilogy Wiki!Edit

Welcome to the world of Deponia. This is the unofficial wikia page dedicated to the Deponia trilogy developed by Daedelic Entertainment. Here you can find information on the games, the characters, settings and maybe even some game hints and collectibles walkthroughs. Warning, spoliers ahead.


Deponia is a point and click adventure game following the story of Rufus, a hapless individual living on a planet consisting of wastelands filled with garbage and junk, all separated by rust red seas. His only aim in life? To go to Elysium, where life is easy, water runs clear and there is more on offer than living a life of a junker. On July 2015, Daedalic Entertainment announced that the series would be heading to iPad, with the first chapter releasing in mid-August.[1]

  1. Deponia from Daedalic Entertainment is coming to iPads in August