Donna is an antagonistic side-character and lives in her submarine on the floating black market on Deponia. She has the ability to communicate with her allies via a secret language. Even though malicious gossip has is that her actions and reactions stem from some sort of disorder, she distinguishes herself due to the sophisticated and unforeseeable action, which give the unorganized crime all honour.

Chaos on Deponia Edit

Donna meets Rufus for the first time when he sneaks into the sub of the unorganized crime to blemish her beloved cat Kitty. Thanks to the attentive Wink Rufus got captured. Sadly Rufus tricked Donna, so that, instead of getting eaten by sharks, he becomes a member of the unorganized crime and escapes.

Later Donna goes together with Wink and Nod to Doc's workshop to try and steal the ascension codes from Goal. Thanks to her brain-implant Rufus manages to switch her personality for Lady-Goal's, who immediately eliminated Wink and Nod.