Elysium, the high above Deponia floating town, or space station respectively, is the home of the gentry. There is not much know about life on Elysium but it's assumed that elysians don't need to work and lead a perfect, care-free life. At the very least with their trash are the deponians perfectly acquainted because for generations the higher levels have been dumping theirs onto the planets surface.

Eylsiums scarcity of resources have led to the decision to blow up Deponia to reach, thanks to the resulting blast wave, the nearest inhabitable planet Utopia because there are enough resources and a better Environment than on Deponia. For the execution of this plan the Organon, a clone army under the rule of prime controller Ulysses and bailiff Argus, was created. It's task was to set up the needed blasting towers for the explosion of the planet. This goal was however thwarted by the resistance. It is still unknown if and how the elysians will go on to handle the scarcity especially after the bigger population of the resistance fighter and the approximately 11.000 organons.

Within the political structure of Elysium the Council of Elders has an extrodinary impact. Not much is known about this institution however it seems to be the highest decisional power with important events like the detonation of Deponia. An attempted coup by Argus failed due to Rufus' interference

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Elysium is derived from the greek word Elysion. In greek mythology Elysion is in Hades the "Island of the blessed" where heroes and very devoted people may spend their days after death. Elysion is described as paradisical and quaint.