Goal is the primary love interest for Rufus. She is first encountered on board an Organon cruiser during one of Rufus' escape attempts.

Appearance Edit

Goal is fairly tall, taller than Cletus, Rufus, and most of the other characters in the Deponia trilogy. She has long red hair, big eyes and small eyebrows.

Her face is always adorned by blush patches and appears to be lacking a nose. It later becomes clear that she does indeed have nostrils though.

She wears a white, form fitting, sleeveless jumpsuit, knee high boots, gloves and a hair band.

There is a grey strip on her left temple, this later turns out to be a cartridge slot for her personality storage device.

Personality Edit

Due to her brain implant, Goal's overall personality can be divided into three sections: Spunky Goal, Lady Goal, and Baby Goal <reference>Chaos On Deponia.</reference>. These three core parts of her personality form her typical personality when the brain implant is functioning correctly (which is rare if Rufus is around).

Spunky Goal - The pugnacious part of Goal's personality. While not without reason, Spunky Goal prefers to solve matters through physical action, to include violence, to solve her problems. She will often address Rufus and others around him in a crass and direct manner.

Lady Goal - The refined Elysium citizen of Goal's personality matrix. Lady Goal is pompous in her mannerisms and speech towards both Rufus and the rest of the denizens of Deponia. Lady Goal carries herself with high standards for cleanliness and refinement, often complaining about how Deponia does not live up to said standards.

Baby Goal - The innocent and naive part of Goal's Personality. Baby Goal is characterized as being extremely absent minded and easily distracted or amused by simple things.

Brief history Edit

Goal was knocked off of the cruiser down to the planets surface and was rescued by the residents of Kuvaq. She spends most of her time during the first phase of the game unconscious.

Rufus manages to wake her and she tells him to contact her fiancé, Cletus.

She later joins the crew of the cutter, captain by Bozo , maintained by Doc and plagued by Rufus.

It becomes apparent at this point that she is a cyborg, and her personality is stored on a disk. After a botched repair by Rufus, she is back on her feet.

She continues her journey with Rufus to return to Elysium and to try to save Deponia and its people.

Along the way she gets more botched surgery, has a personality crisis, meets her maker and is reborn.