Hermes is the mastermind behind the creation of the organon. He was responsible for cloning Argus, Cletus, Rufus, and the Organon. Whereas Rufus, Argus and Cletus stem from a pre-production batch and are Prototypes R, A, and C. He tried to equip all clones with different hair colour but sadly the colour didn't last through puberty. He also gave all of them similar characteristics, namely the disrespectance of Life in general which resulted in them having no fear of death. However they differ from one another, by the experiences they collect. Because he invented the organon he has a guilty conscience and since tries to correct his mistake in the Cloning-facility.

Goodbye Deponia Edit

When the current Hermes was just 2 days old he found the lifeless bodies of Rufus and Goal and clones them, because nobody deserved to die on a day like this. But due to lacking nucleic-acid Goal was cloned as a baby and after an accident Goaly and the container with the acid fell in to the sewers of Porta Fisco.

After Hermes realized, that only three Rufii could save Deponia, but there was only enough material for one, he sacrificed himself, along with the other Rufus, to create three new clones all with the same important memories about their mission