Deponia rufus

Rufus is the main playable character of the Deponia Trilogy.

Official ProfileEdit

"There is a lot to say about Rufus, but not much of it positive. He is a selfish, ill-tempered, egocentric who believes that he is destined for something better. He has no regard of others and when somebody gets hurt during one of his poorly conceived and constantly backfiring plans Rufus is totally unable to admit that it is his fault. Rufus is surrounded by chaos. He is a magnet for catastrophe. The nicest thing you could say about him is that he does not intend to harm anybody, but this is only because he does not care about anyone but himself. That is until he meets Goal…"


Rufus is a Deponian male who appears to be in his early-to-mid twenties.


Rufus is known to be full of himself, often seeing himself as perfect while he's an idiot. However, he does have a lot of hope... for himself anyway. He is a near-total Narcissist, with Goal being the sole exception (this is subverted, however, when Rufus chooses inferior quality cartridges for Goal's brain surgery for a lollipop.)


Rufus seems to have an incredibly high pain tolerance, able to survive multiple lightning strikes and extremely high falls that would kill an ordinary human. He is also a skilled tinkerer, able to invent useful contraptions from objects he finds lying around his homeworld.


  • Goal - Goal is Rufus' main love interest.
  • Captain Seagull - Rufus' adoptive father
  • Cletus - A main antogonist with a striking resemblence to Rufus. Later revealed to be a clone.
  • Argus - Another antagonist. In the third game is revealed to also look like Rufus and is another clone.
  • Toni - Rufus' ex-girlfriend. She has feelings for Rufus that have been overshadowed by her anger for him. And is extremely protective of him... at least from others.


  • Rufus is apparently the cause of the majority of the severe injuries in his hometown.
  • Despite all evidence to the contrary, Rufus is not a narcissist, as he is shown to have true feelings for Goal even though he does a VERY poor job expressing them.
  • Rufus is the only character to suggest that they have a Hammerspace.
  • Though not explained how, Rufus appears to blame himself for the death of his adoptive mother.
  • A complete list of Rufus' known injuries can be found here [LINK]