A complete list of Rufus' known Injuries: Edit


Rufus is the protagonist of the point and click game Deponia.

Deponia Edit

  1. Squashed by Ms. Hinkle's junk press
  2. Burnt Hand by touching a hot plate
  3. Burnt his hand by touching boiling water
  4. Snapped fingers by a mouse trap
  5. Strain by lifting his heavy suitcase
  6. dragged by the harpoon
  7. electrocuted by a power pole
  8. streaked by nails/similar things
  9. Impaled by also very sharp things
  10. dragged across a cactus
  11. pulled through barb wire
  12. hanged from his foot causing much blood to flow into his (probably non existing) brain
  13. Wire cutting into his flesh (hand)
  14. thrown of an organon cruiser...
  15. ...Into cacti
  16. several (~9) Hooks impaled his left hand
  17. “unusual pain in his back"
  18. A probable crushing of his teeth
  19. Burned his hand by touching a chili pepper
  20. swung into cacti by a raging bull
  21. drank battery acid
  22. stood by the explosion of the espresso-machine...
  23. ...twice
  24. A severe uppercut by Goal
  25. hurt his foot on his way to the vault
  26. Pain back from fleeing with Goal
  27. fell from a collapsed bridge
  28. ran against a wall...
  29. ...twice (one time with one time without light)
  30. a full-stop on the mine bike (that probably hurt)
  31. electrocuted by the candy machine
  32. punched by Argus
  33. shoot by organon soldiers
  34. fell off from a way to high tower into a stack of needles

Chaos on Deponia Edit

  1. Squashed by the junk press of bozo's cutter
  2. burned his hand
  3. electrocuted by Grandma Utz's toilet
  4. intracranial injury by swinging along a giant saw blade through air and water
  5. probably some or more things also because of that (srsly there's no way he could have survived that, his whole body would also have been pressed against the blade and he would have broken his bones. Don't try this at home)
  6. fell from the lifeboat into the ocean probably crushing some of his bones, again
  7. electrocuted by an electrically charged stick
  8. got beaten up by wink and nod quite hard (got away with a black eye and many possible internal bleedings)
  9. What ever happen in the bathroom of Gulliver's Gully
  10. demolished at Platypus bataka
  11. I would go for brain injury stemming from the cucumber of revelation
  12. hit on the nose by a rake (up to countless times)
  13. Thrown off from Bellevue
  14. Got the word "REVENGE" scratched into his back with a rusty rake (up to multiple times even)
  15. falling over the golden dragon of invisibility
  16. the effect of attempting to Shave Donna's cat (scratches from paws bigger than lion's)
  17. getting eaten by a shark (and somehow ending up in a fish can...)
  18. Getting his fingers cut off in a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors (It looked at least painful)
  19. fell from the highest point of the FBM while adjusting the catapult
  20. Various platypus bites
  21. falling from the space-time anomaly portals
  22. Got ripped into molecules because of a time paradox
  23. slapped across the face by a clock
  24. the trauma from kissing Liebold
  25. Electrocuted by lightning on that one island
  26. he also fell off the thing from there too
  27. Utterly overpowered by the sheer evilness of the hideous creature (Toni)
  28. burned his tongue while drinking hot tea
  29. first injury while trying to cheer up the depressed torpedo dolphins
  30. second injury while trying to cheer up the depressed torpedo dolphins
  31. dragged along the submersible while having no air to breathe, he probably got smashed into rocks too (after that he must have been unconscious for quite a while...)
  32. damaged his DNA while transporting with the animals
  33. the fight with Cletus (okay I'm pretty sure Cletus can't really deal physical damage to Rufus, but then again it seemed like it would hurt)
  34. falling down a level from the bomb tower

Goodbye Deponia Edit

  1. Squashed by the junk press of Doc's mobile office
  2. hit on back of the head by the signals on the monorail
  3. how he got onto the organon cruiser (He said Ouch...)
  4. bumped his head while entering the seer's room
  5. The side effects of the dentosaurus toothpaste (Fever, sweaty feet, permanent loss of awareness of danger)
  6. cut himself with shards and a fish knife
  7. burnt his eyes from Bozo wearing nothing but a towel and doing 'the thing'
  8. bitten by a pelican
  9. the first station of the washing machine (spin cycle)
  10. the second station of the washing machine (steamed)
  11. the third station of the washing machine (washed)
  12. the fourth station of the washing machine (dried)
  13. the fifth station of the washing machine(wringed)
  14. the sixth station of the washing machine (ironed)
  15. dental operation
  16. whatever Donna did to him in that closet
  17. An uppercut from Goal (again)
  18. the mental scar he got from killing his girlfriend
  19. death (take that a few multiple times)
  20. squashed by the junk press in hell
  21. frozen
  22. cut through by saws
  23. ...and lasers
  24. incinerated
  25. thrashed with a junk ball bat
  26. bitten by vampire platypus
  27. went through a painful death again for the cloning process
Left Rufus Edit
  1. got hit by a pipe while sliding down the bigger pipe
  2. got hit on the head by a pacifier
  3. got almost eaten by some huge monster
  4. a rocket to the head by one of the mushrooms
  5. got bitten by a mushroom
  6. got smacked down by a big mushroom
  7. breath probably toxic gas from a mushroom
  8. electrocuted himself
  9. got thrown through the window of the sewers Inn
  10. crashed with the tank into the highboat
  11. got punched by Argus
  12. crushed his hand in the elevator floor door
  13. pressed against the elevator roof
  14. fell on the elevator floor
  15. pressed against the elevator floor
  16. fell on the catwalk quite hard, really quite hard
  17. got stuck in one of the rotor blades
  18. rotated with the rotor blades in between them and the wall
  19. Let go
Middle Rufus Edit
  1. got hit by a pipe while sliding down the bigger pipe
  2. Got the letter opener inside his stomach (fault in the cloning process) (he says he wonders where it is and since the cloning feels a stabbing feeling inside his tummy)
  3. fell unconscious while watching Lotti get a tattoo
  4. got strangled and almost diED
  5. fell from a construction side, a very high construction side
  6. got strangled (by Bozo) and didn't almost die
  7. heard Garlef sing
  8. Got shot by Seagull and tragically died soon after
  9. ...But not before being punched in the wound again
Right Rufus Edit
  1. got hit by a pipe while sliding down the bigger pipe
  2. had to hear Cowboy Dodo
  3. ...two times
  4. got hit in the stomach by one of the  organon's pneumatic message bottle
  5. got sucked by leeches
  6. Jumped down the higher ascension station tower on Oppenbot and died in the explosion

Fun Facts: Edit

- Rufus (or the Rufii) has gotten hurt at least 128 times

- Goodbye Deponia was the most  'violent' game, hurting Rufus 60 times

Known injuries mentioned before and between the events of the games: Edit

  1. A cactus in his butt from one of his previous escape attempts
  2. Relationship with Toni
  3. emotional hurt since his eight birthday
  4. something with a gnu stampede
  5. blister from putting his hand on a hot stove multiple times
  6. something involving mirrors and glass splitters in his hair
  7. somehow getting a fork stuck in the region of his liver
  8. exploded
  9. combusted
  10. set himself on fire
  11. sawed into his own leg
  12. got trampled by a stampeding buffalo
  13. punched by Toni with brass knuckles
  14. inhaled much mercury vapor when he was still a child  
  15. surely something while scavangenging through wastes to find magnets and such