Capitan Seagull is Rufus' adoptive father, the former mayor of Kuvaq, a respected captain on the floating black market and general of the resistance

Early Life Edit

Before the events of the games Seagull lived together with Rufus in Kuvaq and was a well respected citizen and got even elected mayor after bringing schnapps to Kuvaq and inventing other useful items such as the magnetic-field-manipulator and a device to find new, fresh water. When Rufus was eight years old Seagull left him in the theme park of the lower ascension station to travel alone to Elysium.

Chaos on Deponia Edit

Rufus meets after many many years his adoptive father again, but not on Elysium, where he originally wanted to go to, instead Rufus finds him in his villa on the floating black market - And Seagull is everything but happy about that. And when he learns that Rufus loves the beautiful elysian Goal he quickly forged the plan to win Goal over. This plan was sabotaged by Rufus after he learns that Seagull is not his biological father.

Later it is revealed that he worked with the Organon and had the task to extradite Goal and supposedly Rufus too. Since he fails to do this, he gets shot by Argus and falls into the sea.

Goodbye Deponia Edit

Seagull survives the shot and fall, even though he has now one eye and one leg less. He becomes general of the from Rufus formed resistance because he has real plan to stop the detonation of Deponia. The plan was to blow up Elysium with a canon stolen from the Organon to prevent that decision to blow up the planet is even made. Two clones of Rufus stop the execution of the plan however, in the hopes that the third one will get to Elysium and spread the truth, in the process one of the clones is shot by Seagull.