The Organisation Edit

As the Organon the people of Deponia describe the usually un-friendly and -happy administrative and customs officers of the Control Council.

In grey office blocks they bring law and order and send out their clone army, to nip the riots of the deponians in the bud. the uniformed clerks, who patrol the surface of Deponia in gigantic Monorail Cruisers, are feared among the population of Deponia due to their brutal procedures and inhumanifed appearance.

Goal Edit

To save the upper-class on Elysium and to guarantee them a new home on the next planet Utopia, the Organon is responsible to initiate the blasting of Deponia from various Blasting towers. Before hand the bribed inspector Cletus and his fiancée Goal are sent to inspect the planet to see if life on Deponia exists. But since Cletus and the Organon don't care much about the preservation of Deponia, the Elysian Council of Elders shall be tricked to still have Deponia exploded. Because of this, a resistance has formed itself and fights against the Organon. Since due to resistance leader and protagonist Rufus the Ascension Codes couldn't reach Bailiff Argus soon enough, the start of the last high-boat was crucially delayed. After getting the Ascension Codes however Argus, despite conflicting instructions from Ulysses, evacuated the troops, which, after the successful blasting of Deponia, would create no use for the elysians and thus were supposed to be blown up along with the planet. Argus planned to use them as Soldiers to stage a coup against Ulysses and the Council of Elders and put himself in charge of everything on Elysium/Utopia.

Members Edit