The floating black market is how the name suggest an as island designed black market on Deponia. Rufus gets there together with Goal, Bozo, and Doc during the events of Chaos on Deponia

The Floating black market can be separated in 4 areas Belle Vue, Little Venice, the industrial area, and the port

Belle Vue Edit

The part where wealthier people live. It is shut off of the rest of the market by a gate and a sensor who only allows fine scented people access. It can be tricked by iving it a case of the flu or other, similar diseases. Other specialities include the fancy restaurant "Chez-Schlumpi" and the platypus fan-club

It's maybe the only place on Deponia where you can see a living tree.

Little Venice Edit

Here the hideout of the Unorganized Crime is located.

The industrial are Edit

Shop like Doc's workshop or the weapon's shop can be found here.

The Port Edit

Fishermen often come here to try their luck and get a fish instead of a boot or what ever might lurk in the rust-red-sea.