Ulysses Shellert is the mysterious leader of the Organon and executes the detonation of Deponia

Goodbye Deponia Edit

Whereas in the first two games he was only seen on video screens his first in-flesh-appearance was in Goodbye Deponia. After he learns about Argus' plans regarding the conquest of Elysium he gives the radio command to detonate Deponia immediately without hesitation, even though it would kill himself as-well. He justifies not only this suicidal act but also the -how he himself admits- the unscrupulous plans to detonate Deponia and eradicate all life on it, with the only goal of it being a better Life for his daughter than that she has to lead on either the trashed up Deponia or the resourceless Elysium.

Only after sending the command he learns about the presence of his daughter, Goal, on the high-boat and thus would also be consumed by the explosion and killed in the process. Therefore he decides to cooperate with Rufus, Argus and Cletus and explains them how to cancel the detonation by interrupting the radio signal

Relation to Argus Edit

He also mentions that the tragedy behind the alpha-generation of Organons had always fascinated him and thus took Argus under his wing

In the command structure of the Organon is Ulysses the only person that stands above Argus, who poses as the right hand of Ulysses. Nevertheless he knew nothing about Argus' coup attempt against him and the Elysian Council of Elders until he got informed by the Cletus impersonating Rufus